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Pastor Ron's Old Testament Survey Class


In 2015-2016, Pastor Ron is teaching the second of a series of four courses designed to lay the ground work for a solid theological foundation in the Christian faith. Last year was the introduction of this series with the first module, a year-long course of the “History of Christianity”. This year’s course will be the “Old Testament Survey” and runs from September to June every Sunday from 11:30 to 12:15 in the West Room.   The other two modules, “Theology” and “New Testament Survey”, will run the following two years.  Don’t worry if you missed module one, as it will be repeated starting next September with a different teacher and the modules need not be taken in an particular sequence.  

Part 1    General introduction and overview

Part 2    Geography of the Old Testament

Part 3    Creation and Primeval History

Part 4a  The Ancestral Story of Israel 

Part 4b  The Ancestral Story of Israel (continued)

Part 5    Exodus Overview

Part 5b  Exodus Highlights

Part 6    The Levitical Law is Given

Part 7    The Book of Numbers

Part 8    The Book of Deuteronomy

Part 9    The Book of Joshua

Part 10   The Books of Judges And Ruth 

Part 11   The Books of I & II Samuel    

Part 12   The Books of I & II Kings    

Part 13   The Books of I & II Chronicles                         

Part 14   Ezra and Nehemiah - Return from Exile

Part 15 - Introduction to the Prophets

Part 16 - The Major Prophets (Part 1)

Part 16 - The Major Prophets (Part 2)

Part 17 - The Minor Prophets (Part 1)

Part 17b - The Minor Prophets (Part 2)

Part 18 - The Wisdom Books (Part 1)

Part 18b - The Wisdom Books (Part 2)

Part 18c - The Wisdom Books (Part 3)

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