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Pastor Don's Reading List

Reading List

Whether you're on your lunch break or settling into your favourite chair for some quiet time with the Lord here are some good reads that will enrich your walk with God.

PASTOR DON'S READING LIST - Fall 2015                                                                                  


1. TRACES OF THE TRINITY - Signs of God in Creation and Human Experience - Peter J. Leithart - Brazoz Press


2. CHRISTIAN MEDITATION - What the Bible Teaches About Meditation and Spiritual Exercises - Edmond P. Clowney - Regent College Publishing


3. THE ACCIDENTAL FEMINIST - Restoring Our Delight in Gods Good Design - Courtney Reissig - Crossway Publishers


4. UNDEFILED - Redemption From Sexual Sin and Restoration for Broken Relationships - Harry Schaumburg - Moody Publishers


5. Is God Anti-Gay - And Other Questions About Homosexuality, the Bible, and Same-Sex Attraction - Sam Allberry - The Good Book Company


6. A CHRISTIANS POCKET GUIDE TO LOVING THE OLD TESTAMENT - One Book, One God, One Story - Alex Motyer - Christian Focus Publications 


7. CAT AND DOG THEOLOGY - Rethinking Our Relationship With Our Master - Bob Sjogren and Geralk Robison - IVP


8. FOOLS TALK- Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion - Os Guinness - IVP Books 


9. OPENNESS UNHINDERED - Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert - Rosaria Champagne Butterfield - Crown and Covenant Publishers


10. THE VOICE OF JESUS - Discernment, Prayer, and the Witness of the Spirit - Gordon T. Smith - IVP Books


11. COUNTERFEIT CHRISTIANITY - The Persistence of Errors in the Church - Roger E. Olson - Abingdon Publishers


12. FINDING TRUTH - Five Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes - Nancy Pearcey - David C Cook Publishers


13. A FAITHFUL FAREWELL - Living Your Last Chapter With Love - Marilyn Chandler McEntyre - Eerdmans Publishers


14. A GUIDE TO PRAYER- Isaac Watts - Banner of Truth Trust Publishing

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