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Stay-at-Home Photo Scavenger Hunt

7pm | The Mix
The Mix will be hosting a stay-at-home photo scavenger hunt on the evening of Thursday, March 26. If you’re interested in participating, send an email to Steve Rowe ( srowe@cedarview.org ) with the words “I’m a Scavenger” in the subject line. The clues will be emailed to you at 7:00 pm that evening and your family’s team (or yourself if you’re single) will have a maximum of 2 hours to solve the clues, take photos of yourselves with the household objects in question, and email the photos back to Steve. There will be prizes for the 3 teams that successfully complete the “hunt” the quickest!

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Prime Timers Celebrate Easter!

10:30am | Cedarview
Dinner and movie night sign announcement


Annual Married's Dinner & Movie Date Night

5:30pm | Marrieds
Annual Married's Dinner & Movie Date Night
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Off for Good Friday

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Please join our whole church Good Friday service in the sanctuary at 10am. No youth event in the evening.
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Escape Room Night

7pm | The Mix
Join us for a thrilling evening of ultimate team work as we attempt to beat the clock and escape together! The cost is just $25 per person. Sign up and prepay online by Sunday April 5.
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Small Group Night - Parent's Series #3

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Come hang our with your friends and invite a new friend. Break into Guys and Girls group to hang out after PK's final message about Parents!
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Coffee House Night

7pm | The Mix
Cedarview Adults! Meet your friends for a nice relaxed evening of acoustic worship, games, and your favourite hot drinks, of course. Please bring a small snack to share with the group. You don't need to sign up, just show up!
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7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
On your mark, get set, go! Get in your cars with your team (sign up in advance) and get all the best pictures to win the trophy!)


Prime Timers - Music with Beata Hanssmann

10:30am | Cedarview
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Fiesta Night at Made in Mexico

7pm | The Mix
Cedarview Adults! Join us for a fabulously filling fiesta like no other as we enjoy our favourite Mexican dishes together!
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Ignite Poutine Bar!

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Come for our regular youth night and top it off with some hot and cheesy poutine! Don't miss! ALSO, see result from our NOCARCARRALLY.
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Potluck Supper and Games Night

7pm | The Mix
Meet us for a delicious potluck meal followed by an evening of fun group games. No sign up necessary, but please bring either an entree, a salad/appetizer, or a dessert to contribute to our group meal.
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Ignite Coffee House

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Great night of fun! Devo then a night of music and coffee house fare. Bevvies and snacks served. After we will hang out with friends and chillax over a board game.
Marrieds crepe star announcement


Married's CrepeStar Date Night

7:30pm | Marrieds
Married's CrepeStar Date Night


Bowling at Stellar Lanes

7:30pm | The Mix
Cedarview Adults! Join us for a fun and funny evening of 10-pin bowling. The cost is just $15 which includes 90 minutes of bowling and your shoe rental! Signup deadline: Sunday May 10
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Ignite Costume Night - TBA

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Regular youth night but themed and we wear weird stuff. (Yes, you can do it). When the JYC decides, I'll post it.
Ice Cream


Leader Panel & Ice Cream Sundae Social

7:30pm | High School Youth
Friends, Leader Panel and an Ice Cream Sundae Bar!
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Movie & Popcorn Night

7pm | The Mix
Cedarview Adults! Meet your friends in the Ignite Room for an inspirational Christian film complete with hot, buttered popcorn. You don't need to sign up, just show up!
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Ignite Small Group Night

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Gym games, interview, canteen, worship and God’s word! Hang out with your leaders.


Prime Timers - Speaker To Be Announced

10:30am | Cedarview
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Supper at Big Bone BBQ

7pm | The Mix
Cedarview Adults! Join us for some of the best ribs, wings, and pulled pork this side of Memphis! Sign up deadline: Sunday May 24
Chad Preach


Ignite Nite

7:30pm | High School Youth
Ignite joins our Friday Night Elevate
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Ignite and 180 night

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
We meet at the 180 Senior High room. The whole group enjoys 180 hosting us and Grade 8's get to check out their new leaders and room. Crazy gym games, message from Pastor Chad and 180 worship team. We will run a little later than usual.
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Potluck Supper and Games Night

7pm | The Mix
Cedarview Adults! Meet us for a delicious potluck meal followed by an evening of fun group games. Signup deadline: Sunday May 31
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Outdoor and Parking Lot Games

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Come dressed to play some fun outdoor games and maybe a water games or two! Devo and canteen.
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