Blast Camp

BLAST Camp (Full-Day Option)

BLAST Camp (Full-Day Option)

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 Jul 01, 2019

 9:00am - 4:00pm

 Cedarview Community Church

Full Day Camp

9:05 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our full day camp is open for registration born in 2014-2008.

Our campers who are with us for the full day will spend the mornings Going to Mars and Beyond and after lunch (campers to bring their own lunches Monday to Thursday), they will enjoy a different activity each day. We end at 4 p.m. with pick-up.

Our planned itinerary for the week is as follows:


AM – To Mars and Beyond @ Cedarview

PM – Air Riderz in Aurora – an afternoon filled with bouncing and tumbling in the Jump Zone in a 15,000 square foot facility under the watchful eye of court monitors. Air Riderz also has a signature Climb Zone, Slam Dunk Basketball and a Foam Pit area. Waiver needs to be completed by a parent or guardian to ensure your child can participate that day.


AM – To Mars and Beyond @ Cedarview

PM – Inflatables onsite. The Jump Party continues this afternoon with a variety of bounce houses and obstacle courses are brought right to us so the campers have as much time as possible.


AM – To Mars and Beyond @ Cedarview

PM – Bowling in Bradford. Campers will board a bus and have an afternoon filled with 5 pin bowling. Campers will be assigned to teams with others in a similar age range so the teams can get as much bowling in as possible for the time we are onsite. Bumper bars and ramps are available for those campers who want to bowl with a bit of extra help.


AM – To Mars and Beyond @ Cedarview

PM – Petting Zoo onsite. Our campers will be educated about various farm animals and given pointers on how to interact and feed them when we have the Little Tracks Petting Zoo come to us. Most of these animals have been bottle raised and very friendly. Among some of visitors will be goats, sheep and an alpaca – all of which do not have any top front teeth – a little known fact but makes this mobile zoo even safer! Rabbits, ducks, a chinchilla and a mini donkey, among others will also be joining us.


AM – To Mars and Beyond @ Cedarview

BBQ Lunch

PM – Drive-In Movie and Bubbleologist. Campers will enjoy a family-friendly movie with individual snacks after our BBQ lunch so they can relax and recharge before we welcome Miss T the Bubble Queen and her mesmerising bubble show. The Bubble Queen will entertain with a range of bubble tricks and science to captivate campers. Her interactive style and spectacles like creating really big bubbles, stacking them and putting a camper in a gigantic bubble will cap off our exciting week of BLAST Camp!

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