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News and Announcements for BLAST Families

We want to welcome you to our online news portal where we will be posting any updates and announcements related to Cedarview's BLAST Children's Ministries.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as we are very busy - just like the children and families we serve!

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Prayer Resources

We know that this is a difficult season to navigate as individuals, as parents, and as the people who your children are looking to for guidance, assurance, and stability. The greatest gift we can provide to our children is modelling our dependence on God - through the times of plenty and the times of challenges and difficulties.


We have compiled an assortment of resources for you to reference to help during this challenging season where our routines have been interrupted and a sense of normalcy is gone. We are committed to helping you through this time. We will continue to update this area with articles and other reference materials we hope you will find useful.

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