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The Gospel Project - Making Disciples

The Gospel Project's next unit is Making Disciples.

Story Title: Letters to Church Leaders

Bible Passage: 1-2 Timothy, Titus

Story Point: Paul wrote letters to leaders in the church.

Key Passage: Matthew 28:19-20

Big Picture Question: What is our mission as Christians? Our mission is to make followers of Jesus from every nation by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday Service Videos

Little Lessons for Facebook

Little Lessons From The Nursery with Ms Tammy

Little Lessons From The Nursery is a new series with Ms Tammy that is published every Sunday morning as the Nursery Service. It is aimed specifically for 18 months to 3-year-olds and will utilize a variety of interactive learning techniques to sow Biblical truths and values into the hearts of our youngest viewers.

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Gallery of Art & Creativity

Calling all artists, designers, builders, bakers, and crafters! We want to see your beautiful masterpieces on display in our new Gallery of Art and Creativity!

We have always looked forward to seeing your unique and custom designs on paper, with the blocks and magnets, and the Lego sets. We miss seeing your creativity at work and we want to showcase what you have been doing in our new Gallery.

You can even create something for a friend and have your friend see it in the Gallery.

Parents only need to take a picture of the masterpiece (and only the artwork in the picture, please so we can adhere to our Plan to Protect protocols) and send it by email to Tara Saunders and it will be uploaded in our Gallery for all the BLAST children to see.

ENTER the Gallery of Art and Creativity Here