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BLAST Christmas Drive-Thru Parade

Join us for our BLAST Drive-Thru Parade to pick up Christmas Activity packs. Get into the festive mood with fun holiday attire and even your vehicle.

Our Most Festive Family will win our Winter Family Activity Prize Pack!

Each registered child will have a Christmas Activity Pack filled with lots of things to do.

We can't wait to see you on Saturday, December 5 between 10 am and 12 noon.

Click here to register

COVID-19 Update

We needed to get creative about ministering to our children during this time. If there was ever a time they need to hear God's truths and His promises to His people, it is now.

Each week we have prepared curriculum and resources we use to teach God's Word and that help us point them to Jesus. Each Saturday, we will remove the week's content and post the next week's content.

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The Gospel Project - Christmas

The Gospel Project's next unit is Christmas

Story Title: Prophets Told About Jesus' Birth

Bible Passage: Isaiah 7, 9, 11; Micah 5

Story Point: Everything God said about Jesus' birth came true.

Key Passage: Galatians 4:4-5

Big Picture Question: Why was Jesus born? Jesus was born to rescue us from sin.

December 6 Service Videos

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Gallery of Art & Creativity

Calling all artists, designers, builders, bakers, and crafters! We want to see your beautiful masterpieces on display in our new Gallery of Art and Creativity!

We have always looked forward to seeing your unique and custom designs on paper, with the blocks and magnets, and the Lego sets. We miss seeing your creativity at work and we want to showcase what you have been doing in our new Gallery.

You can even create something for a friend and have your friend see it in the Gallery.

Parents only need to take a picture of the masterpiece (and only the artwork in the picture, please so we can adhere to our Plan to Protect protocols) and send it by email to Tara Saunders and it will be uploaded in our Gallery for all the BLAST children to see.

ENTER the Gallery of Art and Creativity Here


Our Nursery Director, Ms Tammy, reads stories from The Beginner's Bible, published by Zondervan. Little ones can get their Bibles and follow along as she reads these powerful stories.

Part 77: Lazarus Lives Again Part 76: A Short Man Part 75: Jesus and the Children Part 74: Ten Lepers Part 73: The Lost Son Part 72: The Lost Sheep Part 71: Mary and Martha Part 70: The Good Samaritan Part 69: Money In A Fish Part 68: Jesus Heals a Blind Beggar Part 67: Jesus Walks On Water Part 66: Jesus Feeds Thousands Part 65: A Fishermen's Net Part 64: Two Miracles Part 63: Jesus Calms The Storm Part 62: A Hole In The Roof Part 61: A Captain's Faith Part 60: Jesus Teaches on a Mountain Part 59: Jesus' First Miracle Part 58: Jesus Chooses His Disciples part 57: John Baptizes Jesus Part 56: Jesus Is Lost Part 55: Jonah and the Big Fish Part 54: Daniel and the Lion's Den Part 53: Fiery Furnace Part 52: The Brave Queen Part 51: Boy King Josiah Part 50: Naaman is Healed Part 49: Elisha's Room Part 48: Jars of Oil Part 47: Chariot of Fire Part 46: Fire From Heaven Part 45: Elijah Helps A Widow Part 44: God Watches over Elijah Part 43: The Wise King Part 42: The Lord is my Shepherd Part 41: King David Part 40: Best Friends Part 39: David and Goliath Part 38: A Good Heart Part 37: Israel's First King Part 36: A Voice In The Night Part 35: Hannah Part 34: Ruth and Naomi Part 33: Samson Part 32: Gideon's Battle Part 31: Deborah Leads The Way Part 30: The Battle of Jericho Part 29: Joshua and the Spies Part 28: Twelve Spies Part 27: Ten Commandments Part 26 - Food from Heaven Part 25 - The Red Sea Part 24 - Ten Plagues Part 23 - The Burning Bush Part 22 - A Baby in a Basket Part 21: Joseph Saves His Family Part 20 - Pharaoh's Dream (Part 2) Part 19: Pharaoh's Dream (Part 1) Part 18: Joseph's Colourful Robe Part 17: Jacob and Esau Meet Again Part 16 - Jacob's Dream Part 15 - Isaac's Blessing Part 14 - A Bride for Isaac Part 13 - The Visitors Part 12 - A New Home Part 11 - The Tall Tower Part 10 - Jesus Returns Part 9 - Jesus is Risen! Part 8 - Jesus is Arrested and Crucified Part 7 - The Last Supper Part 6 - Washing the Disciples' Feet Part 5 - The True King Part 4 - Noah's Ark Part 3 - The Sneaky Snake Part 2 - Adam and Eve Part 1 - In the Beginning
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