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Frogs Are Home

Home At Last

The frogs are nestled into the Nursery

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Little Pet Shop Frogs

Little Pet Shop Frogs

Frogs making friends in the Little Pet Shop

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Knitting Frogs

Trying to Keep Warm

Learning how to knit and crochet

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Picnic Frogs

Frogs on Vacation

Relaxing in the mountains

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Frogs and Trucks

Indoor play

Frogs are riding along inside.

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All Aboard Frogs

All Aboard

One is even talking to the train engineer

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Frogs Playing

Frogs On The Move

Frogs are busy playing

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Puzzling Frogs

Puzzling Frogs

Are they helping or hiding?

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Frogs helping to wrap

That's A Wrap!

Frogs like to wrap presents, too!

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Frogs go house hopping

Frogs at Ms Tammy's

They didn't want to stay at the church by themselves

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Nativity Scene

Baby Jesus Is Born

Frogs Are On Scene

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Frogs and Drive Thru Packs

Frogs Helping Out With Activity Packs

How nice the frogs want to help Ms Tammy get ready for our BLAST Christmas Drive-Thru Parade

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Jungle Frogs

Hanging Out In Our Pod

We have friends in the treehouse

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Frogs made their own pod

Frogs Made Their Own Pod

Do you think they will still be there on Sunday?

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Frogs in a Pod

Frogs on a Pad or in a Pod?

Are the frogs on the sod?

No, the frogs are in a pod

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Frogs and the animals

Making New Friends

We have made lots of new friends

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Frog Christmas Tree

A Frog Christmas Tree

It is beginning to look rather festive in here!

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Frogs and cars

Let's Go For A Ride

Zoom Zoom... here we go!

Money In A Fish Pic

Can you spot them?

You may have to look carefully!

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Frogs Ready for Children

We are ready!

Children, we miss you. Love, the Frogs.

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Camping Frogs

Setting Up Camp

They even have a pool.

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Shopping Frogs

Where are the frogs now?

What are they shopping for now?

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H Ide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Ready or not, here I come!

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Phones for the Frogs

Ring, ring, ring

Hello? This is the Frog speaking.

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Frog Meeting

Frogs Having A Meeting

Are all the frogs here for this meeting?

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Frogs in the house

Look Way Up and Look Carefully

Those frogs are all in a tall structure and they are hidden!

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Frogs and Dumptrucks

Frogs and Dump Trucks

Do you see the baby driving the dump truck?

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Flying Frogs

Up, Up, and Away!

The frogs are playing Airport

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Sleeping Frogs

Sleeping Frogs

Someone sang them a lullaby

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Cooking Frogs

Cooking With The Frogs

How do you like your eggs?

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Toy dumping frogs

Toy Dumping Frogs

Frogs emptied the toy bin!

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Spelling Frogs


We can spell!

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Rockin Frogs

Crocodile Rock!

Everyone is having a rocking time!

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Frogs and Storytime

Everyone loves story time!

Frogs enjoy stories too!

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IMG 1566

Choo Choo

Frogs on the Railroad

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Worms Teach Frogs to Build

Learning How To Build

The worms are teaching the frogs.

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Monday Frogs

What Goes Where?

The frogs are busy sorting shapes today!

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Frogs new home

Moving In?

Have the frogs found a new place to live?

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Sports Frogs

Sports for the Frogs!

Look at those frogs play!

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Frog Picnic

Eating Dessert First!

The frogs are enjoying a picnic.

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Bouncing Frogs

Bouncing Frogs

Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

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Puzzling Frogs

Busy frogs!

The frogs are trying the puzzles.

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Frgos to the Rescue

Frogs to the Rescue

Saving a cat from the roof!

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IMG 1437

Frogs Have Moved Into Another Room!

Those frogs are now in the Baby Nursery.

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Musical Frogs

Musical Frogs

Can you find the frogs in the band?

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IMG 1316

Back to School

These frogs are eager to learn!

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IMG 1312

Messy Frogs

Can you find the frogs in this mess?

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Rumbling Tummies

Rumbling Tummies

Dinos and Frogs Share a Snack

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Frogs building tracks

All Aboard!

Frogs and trains

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IMG 1220

Ei Ei Oh!

Where can we find the frogs now?

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Frogs and shelf toys

Where are the frogs today?

The frogs have pulled toys off the shelves!

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Frogs Playing With Dolls

Where oh where are the frogs?

The frogs are with the dolls!

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Frogs Tools

Frogs and the Tools

The frogs have a building project!

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Socializing Frogs

Frogs Making Friends

The frogs are socializing in the Nursery

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Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets handcrafted by Miss Kristen

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Little Frogs Garage

Beep Beep!

The frogs are playing in the garage!

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Upright Frogs Making Music

Musical Frogs

Help Ms Tammy find those jammin' frogs

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Miss Kristens Tie Dye

Tie Dye Wardrobe

Designed and dyed by Miss Kristen

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Kauk Family's Birthday Creations

1. Snorkelling Gummy bears
2. Savage Cookie Monster
3. Ice Cream gummies in candy land
4. Panduhhh
5. “Ow”l

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Screen Shot 2020 06 04 at 10 00 02 AM

The Frogs are in the Kitchen now!

Help Ms Tammy find all the frogs that are busy in the Nursery Kitchen!

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French Loaf

Fresh Baked Bread

Mrs. Howe's freshly baked French Bread! Yum!

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Screen Shot 2020 06 01 at 10 08 31 AM

Frogs in the Nursery Yet Again!

Help Ms Tammy find the frogs who have been building!

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IMG 3819

Frogs in the Nursery Again!

Help Ms Tammy find the frogs who have been playing with puzzles!

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Tammy Pic for Ife

Jesus with the children

Ms Tammy's picture for Ife

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Makari Drawing

A Spring Flower

Designed by Makari

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Maddies Tower

Sky High Tower

Tower by Maddie

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Tylias Bird

Beautiful Bird

Designed by Tylia

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Maddys pic for Miss Rosie

Maddie's picture for Miss Rosie

A picture for Miss Rosie designed by Maddie

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Screen Shot 2020 05 25 at 9 34 56 AM

Frogs in the Nursery

Help Ms Tammy find all the frogs that are playing with the toys in the Nursery!

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Timothy Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Created by Timothy

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Samuel Dinosaur


Drawn by Samuel

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Nicole Taco

Taco for a Friend

To Miss Rosie from Nicole

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To Daniel from Samuel

A Picture for a Friend

To Daniel from Samuel

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M Iss Kristen from Lily

Lily with Miss Kristen

To Miss Kristen from Lily

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Miss Rosie from Lily

Lily with Miss Rosie

To MIss Rosie from Lily

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Ms Tammy from Lily

Lily with Ms Tammy

To Ms Tammy from Lily

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Ms Tara from Lily

Lily with Ms Tara

To Ms Tara from Lily

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IMG 1127

Frog Friends

For Miss Rosie from Ms Tammy

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Screen Shot 2020 05 20 at 7 27 48 PM

Fruit Loop Cupcakes

Miss Kristen's Baking

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IMG 3789

Trudy the Turtle

Mrs Howe's Picture from Ms Tara

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IMG 3787


Elephant by Ms Tara

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