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Life has been turned upside down. Finding time alone with your spouse—away from your work, your kids, and your family pet—seems almost impossible. Ironically, you’re spending more time together, but less time being intimate.

The aim of this date is to do more than just “be together.” We want you to focus on being close, familiar, and affectionate in the marriage relationship God has given you.

For this quarantine date night we want you to order in dinner or dessert. Be sure to set the mood for romance. You know the drill: get dressed up, light some candles, turn on the fireplace, dim the lights, and put on soft music.

The fallout from this pandemic adds new stresses and worry. This date night is your chance to relax and refocus on each other.

Date tips and conversation starters:

  • Break out your wedding album or wedding video and reminisce about the events of that special day.
  • Talk about the journey that God has taken you and your spouse on.
  • Take turns talking about some of the things you find most attractive about your spouse (physical and non-physical – make sure to mention both). Be specific.
  • Make sure that there is some physical closeness happening. Be sure to cuddle, give back rubs, hold hands, kiss, etc. We suggest you start with nonsexual touch. We are hoping that throughout the night you will both feel closer and more connected and that can lead to a desire – in both of you – to connect sexually.

Date Night Ideas are adapted from: “Little Book of Great Dates” by Dr. Greg & Erin Smalley.

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