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Quarantine Date Night No. 02

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Laugh together.

There is one prescription each and everyone of us of us needs right now even if you have no COVID-19 symptoms. This medicine is laughter. Laughter is literally good and important medicine for us as humans and has important physiological effects on you and your spouse. The bible tells us this in Proverbs, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” (17:22) and French philosopher Voltaire wrote, “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” (This has been backed up by modern research that shows that people with a sense of humor have fewer symptoms of physical illness than those who are less humorous.)

Laughter contributes to normal blood flow (especially when dealing with stressful situations)
Laughter boosts your immunity (which is helpful for those who are essential front-line workers or the person in your family who visits the grocery store)
Laughter contributes to better relaxation and satisfying sleep
Humor brings more than physiological benefits to a marriage, it helps us cope. To be perfectly honest, with all the chaos in this world right now most of us are just trying to cope with all that is happening and the continued and increasing restrictions.

Laughter is fun.
For this weeks date we want you all to take an evening to laugh together. Ideas for how to cultivate this are:

  • This could be from looking at old family photos and laughing over fashion selections and tragic hair style choices, and reminiscing about those times.- Watch a funny movie or TV show that you and your spouse enjoy.
  • Watch an comedy sketch online. Here are some christian suggestions: Tim Hawkins, Jason Earls, John Branyan,Paul Harris. Many of the above comedians can be found on PureFlix if you have a subscription. There are a number of non-christian comedians out there. Some are on Netflix, but please watch with discretion.
  • Download and print some Mad Libs. (there are apps you can download as well)

Also we want you to take some time to talk and ask each other questions:

  • What makes you laugh?
  • Are there some silly or funny quirks about your spouse that you find irresistibly funny? Be sure to pick things that are light hearted and fun. We want to remind you not to laugh at your spouse's expense or be cruel.

Date Night Ideas are adapted from: “Little Book of Great Dates” by Dr. Greg & Erin Smalley.

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