About Cedarview

We Teach God's Word

We pattern all ministry and measure all experience by the final revelation of the Scriptures. We honor its authority over every aspect of our life and conduct. It's teaching alone can guide us into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

We Prioritize Worship

We believe every person's first responsibility is to glorify God and exalt His Son, Jesus Christ the Lord. We openly and Scripturally magnify His glory both in our corporate gatherings and our daily living.

We Welcome God's Spirit

While never going beyond the Church's pattern in the New Testament Scriptures, we value and seek the contemporary power and giftings of the Holy Spirit in our midst. In this we obey both the command of Jesus and the final revelation of God's Word.

We Proclaim Salvation

We proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, reaching out with God's reconciling love to every person and every nation, believing the truth of salvation's promise that all can and must be saved through the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We Seek God's Face

Believing that ceaseless prayer is the church's breath, we pursue a ministry of impassioned intercession, praying one with another, bearing each other's burdens to fulfill the law of Christ. We believe that all things are possible to those who ask in Jesus' Name in living faith.

We Serve God's People

We strive for practical ministry to all God's people. We seek to foster faith in children, disciple youth, strengthen the ties of marriage, nurture spiritual life and faith in the home, and disciple each single adult to find their divinely ordained place in God's plan. We nurture maturing fellowship to facilitate each one's growth in Christ.