Missions is a huge part of life at Cedarview. Twice a year we host World Impact Sundays where you get to hear from some of the missionaries we support around the world. We also send out teams each year around the globe to support our missionary teams in the field.

Last year we sent teams to:
- Dominican Republic
- Cuba
- India

Our Missionaries


Christo & Sarah Emmanuel

In 2006, Christo and Sarah obeyed the call of God, moved to Chennai, India and planted Living God Church with just a handful of people. Gathering every Sunday, the small group outgrew the space as Christo shared the Gospel and invited others door to door. As the group of believers and seekers grew, the Church moved to several different facilities and 2 separate campuses to accommodate the growth. In 2014, as both campuses reached capacity for both members and staff, Living God Church moved to a large, 4-storey facility and merged the congregations. Today, there are more than 500 members and many fruitful facets of ministry that powerfully reach the community and see lives transformed!


Jef & Renatta Walton

The Walton family serves at Village of Hope - Malawi (VOHM), a ministry to orphaned and vulnerable children. VOHM provides education through its school, healthcare through local hospitals, nutrition through its feeding program, shelter through its children's homes to at-risk children, as well as discipleship through its weekly community chapel program. Jef and Renatta serve faithfully as the National Director and Village Administrator of VOHM. In total 220 children are being cared for through the programs at Village of Hope Malawi, ranging in age from preschoolers to teenagers. The primary program is based in a high density/low income community called Kauma, located on the outskirts of the capital city of Lilongwe.


David & EIleen Courey

After almost 30 years of ministry in Canada, David & Eileen have felt the call to teach at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium.Today Christianity is at its lowest ebb in Europe since the Reformation. In Belgium evangelicals make up 1% of the population, but that's where the excitement is. Equipping leaders for the rebirth of the church in Europe and North Africa.


Mark & Kim Steinfield

After serving for 13 years in Armenia, the Steinfields have moved to Madrid, Spain where they are partnering with the Salem Churches. Mark will work alongside the Salem leadership to establish a Bible school and Kim will engage in marriage ministry. In addition to their ministry in Spain, Mark and Kim both serve on the Eurasia Region’s lead team. Mark overseas education initiatives in the region, and Kim provides member care for global workers. They have three energetic children: Alyssa, Madeleine, and Caleb.


Paul & Lynn Kohls

Paul previously spent ten years in Kenya as the Principal of the former Pan Africa Christian College. Later he spent two years in Ethiopia as the Academic Dean of the Pentecostal Theological College in Addis Ababa. He travels extensively through out the world as an educational consultant. As such he has been involved academically and administratively with schools in Uganda, Ukraine, Cuba, Ethiopia, and the Middle East.

Lynn was born in Zimbabwe and is the daughter of former PAOC missionaries, Horace and Elsie Butler. She is a graduate of Eastern Pentecostal Bible College and Trinity International University where she completed her degree in communications. She is an ordained minister with the PAOC. As an Assistant Lecturer in the Theology Department at Pan Africa Christian University, Lynn, specialized in the areas of Christology, Soteriology, and Synoptic Gospels. She also keeps a busy preaching schedule and has been asked to be an Associate Pastor at a church in Nairobi

Gary Empey

Gary Empey

Rev. Gary Empey serves as the PAOC's “Pastor in Partnership” to Cuba. For the past twenty years in ministry Gary has been actively involved in taking teams and supplies from his home church, Master’s College and Seminary and other local churches in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to Cuba. During this time he has built significant relationship with the leadership of the Assemblies Cuba and in particular Rev. Hector Hunter the General Superintendant of the AG Cuba. Gary has spoken at their General Conference, District Conferences and local churches on the subject of “Pastoral Care for Pastors”.

In this new position he will be facilitating Short Term teams from churches across Canada to Cuba where they will be able to build relationship and help local pastors and churches. He will also promote special ERDO projects, Child Care Plus, Pastoral Education, Adopt a Church, and Church restoration projects.


Adrian & Sharon Thomas

Sharon and Adrian work as a team in the Dominican Republic and minister with anointing among the local pastors. They have served as full-time missionaries in the Dominican Republic since January 2004. In September 2007 they became Full Time Vocational Missionaries with the PAOC. The Dominican Republic is a new field for the PAOC and as co-founders of Every Day Ministries, they are laying the foundation to build a ministry that will change the Dominican Republic and the nations of the world. Their vision is to empower, equip and encourage national pastors and their families. As they establish this new work along the north coast of the island, in the city of Nagua, they are seeing God save, heal and equip EVERYDAY!

Adrian and Sharon have three children, Kent, age 14, Luke, age 11, and Courtney, age 5. They serve together, as all family members are actively involved in reaching the lost for Christ.

Visit http://www.everydayministries.ca to stay up to date with the Thomases and their work.


Stephen & Heather Chaloner

After an exciting 5 year apprenticeship leading the PAOC team in Mozambique, Stephen and Heather now live in Nairobi and lead PAOC AFRICA. What an unbelievable continent! Challenges and opportunities on every side! They lead an 85 member team of evangelists, doctors, nurses, teachers, pastors, professors, administrators. experts and apprentices. God has sent us all and together, by His grace, we are undoubtedly one of the greatest teams on earth!

With a few notable exceptions, Africa's economy has stagnated for 40 years. Poverty and disease are at crisis proportions and foster unbeleivable suffering! Thank God for ERDO and humanitarian aid! However, all the humanitarian aid that the world sends is powerless against the unseen spiritual forces that are at work on the continent. AFRICA needs to be set free by the power of God!

Stay up to date with the Chaloners at http://paocafrica.spaces.live.com/


Ilya & Janet Bantseev

The Bantseevs are pastoring a church of approximately 1,000 people in Novokuznetsk, a city of 600,000 people. Their congregation ministers in prisons, orphanages, and to people with life controlling problems or addictions. Also, they organize various ministry and missionary teams to plant churches throughout Siberia and share the Gospel with professional groups such as doctors, athletes, government officials and police.


Sergio & Nancy Bersaglio

Sergio and Nancy are the directors of the Village of Hope orphanage and school in Zambia, which ministers to 585 needy children. The Village of Hope School runs classes from preschool to grade 11. The children attending have the added blessing of a daily feeding program and chapel services twice a week. Sergio oversees all of the building projects at the Village of Hope and at Trans-Africa Theological College. Nancy coordinates the Child Care Plus program for Zambia.

Visit http://www.vohafrica.com/ to learn more about the Villages of Hope.