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Children's Ministries

Birth to Grade 5

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During this difficult season of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can 'do church' by digging into His Word, worshipping, and pray to the One who is faithful.

We are offering a mix of online and in-person options to help connect with you and your children. All of us in Children's Ministries still share the heartbeat of pointing these precious ones to Jesus. We want to come alongside you as a resource. We are available by phone, email, and online to help in any way that we can.

Here is a summary of what is available:

  • BLAST In-Person Services - this a combined service for Primary and Elementary children in our South Sanctuary during the 10 am Sunday Service at Cedarview. Because of COVID protocols, we have limited spaces. Registration starts each week when our Main Service Registration opens online at 10 am on Mondays. No one wants to miss this great service that continues our Gospel Project Teaching lead by Miss Rosie and Miss Kristen. Fun games and worship are also included.
  • Nursery Pods - our Nursery rooms are outfitted with dedicated spaces for up to 2 parents and 3 children up to the age of 5 in each of our Nursery Pods. These areas are physically distanced apart from each other with the required 2m spacing. Each pod contains sanitized toys specific to the child(ren) who are in each one. These spaces are defined using child safety gates to help keep little ones safe while parents are able to watch the service on the in-room TVs. To secure a Nursery Pod, we use our online registration that opens on Monday mornings at 10 am for the following week.
  • Virtual BLAST Zone - this area of our website is where to find our teachings as we continue our journey through The Gospel Project teaching. Each week, we post the video teaching for each age group.
    • Miss Rosie introduces the Primary's teaching and the followup questions for your review while Miss Kristen hosts the Elementary lesson, complete with the Group Demonstrations that everyone loves from the weekly teachings
    • Each Sunday, Ms Tammy also has a new Nursery Service called Little Lessons From The Nursery and this geared toward children between 18 months and 3 years of age.
    • BLAST Services are uploaded every Saturday and also include great worship and all our announcements
    • We also have a Gallery of Art and Creativity where children's artwork is showcased in our virtual gallery for their friends to see!
  • Facebook (BLAST Children's Ministries at Cedarview) and Instagram (@BLAST_Cedarview) accounts to keep you up-to-date with news, activities, and daily challenges.
  • Parent Newsletter - we have moved our printed newsletter to an online format to help keep parents informed of what is going on, as well as a list of resources available that we hope will help parents navigate this difficult season. We have also included a prayer calendar, family devotions, as well as our BLAST playlists. Click here for our BLAST Parent Newsletter

Children's Ministries at Cedarview

We offer safe and exciting programs for newborns to age 10 to experience God's love. Our lively worship, age-appropriate teachings and fun activities help reinforce the Christ-centered lessons taught to all ages.

Our dedicated leaders and faithful volunteers desire to see children come to know Jesus, connect in community, live out their faith and impact their world. We are also a resource for parents as they train up the next generation.

Join us at Cedarview to:

  • Come to know Jesus
  • Connect in community
  • Live out your faith
  • Impact your world
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Safety and Security

You are trusting us with your most precious treasures and we want to do everything we can to keep children safe and secure while with us. We follow the Plan to Protect protocols to create the safest environment and this includes screening volunteers, police checks and ongoing training.

An Automated Check-In system helps keep traffic moving during our busy times just before and after services and programs, all the while, keeping all the children safe and accounted for while in our care.

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BLAST Groups

Our Children's Ministries are categorized by age so we can provide an area that is designed and created for their level of curiosity and exploration.

BLAST Nursery - for babies and toddlers from birth to 23 months. We offer attentive volunteers with welcoming arms who help little ones feel comfortable and loved at church.

BLAST Twos and Threes - this is a busy area with lots to explore and where the beginnings of church and Christian Education are introduced with lessons, activities, and music that meet them right where they are in their development.

BLAST Primary - children move into this group on their fourth birthday or when they start Junior Kindergarten (whichever comes first) through to the end of Grade 1. Expressive worship, engaging Bible story teachings and hands-on activities that allow them to move, to explore and to discover, all help spark interest in God's Word.

BLAST Elementary - spanning grades 2 to 5, our Elementary group digs in a bit deeper and is filled with object lessons, thought-provoking teachings to help children understand essential Christian doctrines and read Scripture as Christ-centred.

Missions - as an integral part of Cedarview's DNA, we focus on Missions in our Children's Programs so children come to understand that they may be young but they can still make a big impact for God and His Kingdom.

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We are a teaching church and our Children's Ministries are no exception.

"Train them up in the way they should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

The Gospel Project

We use The Gospel Project for our morning Church service and continue the lessons through our Christian Education time to help reinforce the teaching. We use a variety of methods and media to help children learn Biblical truths because we know not every child learns the same way. Lots of hands-on learning and object lessons help bring God's Word alive each Sunday.

Each group uses age-appropriate versions of The Gospel Project so the lessons, examples and activities are at a child's developmental stage and comprehension.

Take-home activity sheets for each age group recaps the lesson, key Scripture verse and offers Family Discussion Questions and Suggested Family Activities that assist parents in continuing the teachings at home.

This is a three-year chronological Bible study that takes children on the journey of how the Gospel unfolds from Genesis to Revelation.

Explore The Bible

This Bible study is a three-year plan too but the journey is done by studying the Books of the Bible. Like The Gospel Project, the teachings are age-specific and many activities offered to help children understand the context of the original writings and help children learn to walk out their faith.

Take-home activity sheets are available for this Bible study as well and offer parents and children the opportunity to continue digging into the week's lesson.

Dare To Be A Daniel

Our Grade 5 Christian Education class works through the Dare To Be A Daniel Bible study that offers practical principles of faith and Scripture verses to help equip them to share their faith with their family and friends.

Small-Group Bible Studies

In our evening service, Grades 4 and 5 children work through small group Bible studies that focus on a particular topic or theme. We follow a small group study format and work through a rotation of studies over the two years, ranging from Unseen - a study of the Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer, to The Quest by Beth Moore that challenges children to grow closer to God. Our second-year rotation of materials we explore Cold-Case Christianity for Kids by J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace and then move onto God's Crime Scene by the same authors.

Children's Ministries Staff

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Tara Saunders

Director of Children's Ministries
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Tammy Fenwick

Nursery and Mom's Morning Out Ministries
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Rosie Reid

Preschool Children's Ministries
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Kristen Cameron

Elementary Children's Ministries