Christian Education

Christian Education

Every Sunday from 11:25 am to 12:00 pm there is excellent, practical instruction in the life transforming truth of God’s Word as well as current topics relating to issues facing Christians in today’s world. Enjoy a free coffee or tea from Cedarview Cafe with your Sunday morning study time!

Pastor Don CE Class Proverbs

PROVERBS: A Topical Guide To A Biblically Ordered Life

Pastor Don

Looking to live a life guided by biblical principles? Join Pastor Don as he delves into the Book of Proverbs! This ancient collection of wisdom offers practical insights and guidance for every aspect of life. From relationships to work ethics, from decision-making to managing finances, Proverbs serves as a timeless guide for living a biblically ordered life. Study notes are provided.

In the South Sanctuary

CE Reni In Your Word

IN YOUR WORD WE HOPE: The Transforming Power Of Scripture In Everyday Life

Reni Horban - Women's Class

The Bible is more than a book of stories, when we immerse ourselves in the Living Word it has the power to change us. Led by Reni Horban, the class offers a blend of study, reflection, and practical application, illuminating the relevance of scripture in the midst of daily challenges. Women will learn how the Bible can transform their perspectives, actions, and relationships. This class is for women of all ages and provides a community where they can grow spiritually and connect with one another. Coffee and treats are available each week.

In the Fellowship Hall

Fresh Start Web


Pastor Chris

Whenever you start a trip, it's always nice to have an idea of where you are going and how to get there safely. As a new Christian, understanding everything can be tricky or confusing. What does it mean to be "Born Again," or "Who am I now," or even "Do I start reading the Bible in Genesis or some place else?" During the 4 classes, we will look at those and a few other questions to help new believers know the basics and develop a strong foundation for your relationship with Jesus.

In The Lounge


Evangeletics - Living, Preaching and Defending The Gospel

Rafik Barsoum

In the Evangeletics class (Yes, you read it right!- It is the mix of evangelism and apologetics), we will learn together how to live, preach and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially in this hostile world that we live in, which opposes the truth. We will learn in areas like, proving God's existence, defending the Trinity, presenting the truth to friend and foe, why do we need God and living the faith!

In Room 106

The real unreal

The Real Unreal

Bob Lilley

Looking at the Old Testament through the eyes of its inspired writers using history, archeology and The Word.

In The Meeting Room


Connections - Getting To Know Others At Church

In Room 108

Ignite CE Class


Pastor Kelly

Ignite Faithworks class will cover the foundations of Christianity for Junior Youth and how to apply these basics to our Christian walk. We will get our hands on our Bibles learning how to use them in our daily devotions and to find answers to life questions becoming workmen who correctly handle the word of truth.

In the Ignite Youth Room

High School Youth CE 2022 23

Stories From Scripture

Pastor Chad

This is a class only for high school students. We cover a wide range of current topics that are relevant to today’s teens and we dig into the Bible to learn what it says about them. This is a discussion based Bible study so the more you’re willing to put into the class, the more you’ll get out of it.

In the one80uth Room.

Young Adult Christian Ed

Young Adult Class

Brent & Christy Diaz

In The West Room