Christian Education

Christian Education

Every Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. there is excellent, practical instruction in the life transforming truth of God’s Word as well as current topics relating to issues facing Christians in today’s world. Enjoy a free coffee or tea from Cedarview Cafe with your Sunday morning study time!

The Faith Once Delivered

The Faith Once Delivered

Pastor Don

In the South Sanctuary

Daring To Hope

Daring To Hope When Life Looks Hopeless

Reni Horban

Lessons of Encouragement from the book of Jeremiah. This study will draw practical applications from the life and times of the prophet Jeremiah. How did Jeremiah continue to serve God in a culture that was increasingly godless? Why did a God worshipping nation turn to idolatry? These questions and more will be covered in the lessons.

In the Fellowship Hall

Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Pastor Chad

This is a class only for high school students. We cover a wide range of current topics that are relevant to today’s teens and we dig into the Bible to learn what it says about them. This is a discussion based Bible study so the more you’re willing to put into the class, the more you’ll get out of it. It happens upstairs in the one80uth room after the morning service.

In the one80uth Room.

Christian Fundamentals

Christian Fundamentals

Pastor Chris

Whether you are a new Christian or a long time believer, it's important to know the basics and develop a strong foundation for your relationship with Jesus.

In Room 108

Basics Of Faith

Basics Of Faith

Pastor Kelly

Ignite Basics of Faith class will cover the foundations of Christianity for Junior Youth and how to apply these basics to our Christian walk. We will get our hands on our Bibles learning how to use them in our daily devotions and to find answers to life questions becoming workmen who correctly handle the word of truth.

In the Ignite Youth Room

Christians In Babylon

Christians In Babylon: Living In An Anti-Christian World

Dave Austring

Ever watch the news and wonder; 'How did our society go so horribly wrong?' Christians in Babylon is an exploration of the challenges we face living in a hostile secular world. From the rise of militant atheism to a massive cultural shift away from Christian values, we will examine how to defend our faith and ultimate truth, in such an environment.

In the West Room.

Growing Closer To God

Growing Closer To God

Andre Jung

Prayer is an important part of every Christian's life, or at least it should be. Join Andre as he talks about the importance of prayer and how to develop a strong prayer life.

In Room 107

2 Kings

2 Kings Devotional Study

Brent Diaz

This class will start on September 16.

In Room 106

Talking The Talk Walking The Walk

Talking The Talk Vs Walking The Way

Bob Lilley

In Room 109