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Ignite Youth

Grades 6 - 8

Who we are

Ignite Junior High our ministry to Grades 6-8. Our program is to introduce our youth to God and to disciple them toward a vibrant relationship with Him, through building friendships, modeling Godly lifestyle, direct teaching, asking questions, Bible and book study, prayer and worship, activities and fun, to prepare our junior youth for high school and life.

1 Timothy 4:12 (NIV) Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

Ignite Junior Youth Registration Form - Updated

When we meet

  • Main Youth Event Friday 7:30-9:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday Study Group from 6:45-7:30 p.m.
  • Sunday Christian Ed. Class 11:25 - 12:00 p.m. (*New time)
  • Special Events on Calendar

Our Friday Events

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Ignite Friday Night Connect

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Come hang our with your friends and invite a new friend. We'll have gym games, a interview, worship, devo and canteen.
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Ignite Friday Night Connect - Open Mic Share

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Bring your friends to out regular Friday night activities that end with an open mic share time!
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Small Group Guys/Girls Home Parties - Leaders Homes

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Youth go to either the guys or girls home parties with their leaders. Great fellowship and hangout time.
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Ignite Sports and Games Night

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Wear your gym stuff! After a devo we will head to the gym for the night for some awesome sports and hilarious games!
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Ignite Christmas Banquet

7pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Buy your ticket in advance and get all dressed up in youth finest threads. Enjoy our semi-formal banquet with a delicious buffet, festive fun, photo booth, Christmas carols and the story/message of Jesus' birth.
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Ignite Reindeer Games

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
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Ignite - Off for Christmas Break and New Years

12am | Ignite Junior Youth
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Ignite Movie Night

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Come hang in our youth room for a G/PG movie and canteen. Bring someone new!
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Ignite Skating at Riverwalk Commons

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Weather permitting! Drop off at 7:30pm. Helmets are a good idea and bring a few dollars to buy HC or snacks on Main Street if you wish. Outdoor washrooms available. No hockey – pleasure skating only with others in the public. Families welcome to skate too! Pick up is 9:00 pm sharp. Yes, you can bring PK a hot beverage.
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Ignite Waffle Bar!

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Did someone say waffles? Our youth night can only get better with waffles and toppings. Come for your regular connect night and bring a friend!
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Ignite Annual Lock In

10pm | Ignite Junior Youth
10 hours. All night. Awake. Locked In!!! Are you ready? (Are the leaders ready? Insert weeping) Regulars/registered can go online (in Jan) to sign up and pay for the Lock In!
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Ignite Friday Night Connect

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Bring a friend to youth! Come connect with our friends and God during canteen, gym games, worship and a message from the Bible.
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Ignite Suck a Lemon Night

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Come connect at our regular youth night but compete in "stupid human tricks" and see if YOU are the one who has to suck a lemon!
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Ignite Minute to Win It Night - Guys vs Girls

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Minute to Win it Games in groups! Come to play! Loud and competitive - but all in good fun. A great night to bring a friend out.
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Sports and Games Night

8:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
After a devo from God's word, head to the gym for some awesome sports and games. Dress to play!
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Friday Night Connect

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Be here on Friday night to connect with your friends and to connect to Jesus!
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Board Games and 3 on 3 Basketball

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Come grab some canteen and challenge your friends to Monopoly or supersized Jenga. Or if that's not your speed sign up a team for 3 on 3 basketball tourney.
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Ignite - Off for March Break

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth
Enjoy your week off! See ya next week!
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Ignite Poutine Bar!

7:30pm | Ignite Junior Youth