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Become a sponsor today and discover how through just $41 a month you can change a child's life.

How Child Sponsorship Works

ChildCARE Plus is about rescuing one child at a time. It began with the vision to reach children living in desperate circumstances around the world and matching them with sponsors who could provide for their basic needs, such as food, shelter, education and medical aid. It includes a strategy going beyond meeting the physical needs of children, but also meeting their spiritual emotional and intellectual needs (the whole person) by presenting the gospel and demonstrating God’s love. We believe this holistic approach helps children to break free from the cycle of poverty and enables them to contribute back to their community.

Child sponsorship is a meaningful and practical way that one person, family or group can come alongside a child in a developing country and help him or her to reach their full, God-given potential.

In 29 developing countries, ERDO joins with dedicated and caring workers who help children suffering from poverty and other injustices. Sometimes these children live with one or more of their parents, but sometimes they are orphaned due to abandonment or death.

Our on-the-ground CCP workers understand each child’s unique challenges, and as you send $41 monthly support, they will meet the child’s needs on your behalf. The needs of the child could include, school fees, school supplies, nutritious food, clothes, shoes or medical care.