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Thomas Hoover Worship Ministries Pastor

Thomas has been attending Cedarview for 43 years and has been on staff for the last 18 years. Thomas is married to Karen and they have 4 children, Ethan, Sadie, Breyan and Benjamin

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Jason Ahlberg Worship Leader

Jason has been attending Cedarview for 38 years. He is married to Madelaine and they have two daughters - Evangeline and Eliana.

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Tina Marie Franks Worship Leader

Tina Marie has been attending Cedarview for the last 11 years. She is married to Paul and they have three boys - Alexander, Oliver and Samuel.

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Jonathan James Worship Leader

Jonathan has been attending Cedarview for 16 years and begin leading worship in our one80uth group. He has been leading worship in our Sunday services for the last 4 years.

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Amelia Kellington Worship Leader

Amelia has been attending Cedarview for three years and is our newest addition to our Worship Leader Team. She also leads worship with our one80uth and our Awaken Young Adults group.

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Worship Night


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Worship Night


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