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Precious In His Sight

Precious In His Sight

Hope filled promise for aborted, still-born, and miscarried babies View
Wandering From God

How To Keep Your Heart From Wandering From God

It's difficult to get a group, even a very good group, to move ahead in a united decision. View
Trials And The Goodness Of God

Trials and the Goodness of God

The Bible doesn't always yield its truth to our tastes. And sometimes, not even to our theology. Yet there is still no denying the Scriptures teach God is good. This very Psalm were studying today makes this point with stark simplicity. View
The Horror Of Abortion

Is the church getting used to the horror of abortion?

The deluded pride of shouting out your abortion. View
Demons The Devil And Deliverance

Demons, the devil, and deliverance

You can't read the New Testament at all without recognizing the nature of the conflict we all face as believers. View
When You Cant Run Away

When You Can't Run Away

God's word and the solid hope for minds haunted by the ghosts of doubt. View
On A Hill Too Far Away

On a hill too far away

Full protestant faith and the cross of Christ. There’s more than just forgiveness there. View
Working Out What God Works In

Working Out What God Works In Your Heart

Philippians verse by beautiful verse. View
New Years 2016

The fear of the Lord

The surprising roots for a year of abundant joy. View
Christmas 2015

The hopes and fears of all the years

Christmas as the cause and the removal of human doubt View
The New Covenant

The new covenant

Putting deeper meaning into Sunday worship View
Local Church Membership

Local Church Membership

Why I think it's a mistake to assume the New Testament doesn't require local church membership. View
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