When Strivings Cease by Ruth Chou Simons

When Strivings Cease by Ruth Chou Simons

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 Jun 20, 2022

 7:00pm - 8:30pm

This Summer Heart & Soul Ministries will be studying "When Strivings Cease" by Ruth Chou Simons. It is a 6 week study that can be done anytime over the Summer on your own, with a group of friends or family, or we can help connect you with a small group of women. Each Study Guide will have it's own code to stream the videos so that you or your group can decide exactly what day, time, and method works best for you.

"In today's society, the pressure to perform is overwhelming. It's a hustling, image-forward age of opportunity, and women are more anxious than ever. Many of us end up constantly feeling behind, lacking, and like we're failing—at home, at work, with friends, with God. In this six-session Bible study (video streaming included), Ruth Chou Simons calls women to discover how God's profound gift of grace and favor invites them to rest from chasing approval and earning love, and instead discover the freedom of true belonging and worth that doesn't depend on them. With personal story, biblical insights, practical applications, and original artwork by Ruth, this transformational new book helps us see the beautiful truth that God's favor is the only currency we need, because in Christ we are enough."

Just a reminder that there will be no weekly meetings, like previously, however our study will kick off on June 20th with a social and will end August 18th with a social.

Study Guides are $15 and will be necessary to participate in the study. If you have any questions please contact Rosie at

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