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Let Us Draw Near

Let Us Draw Near

The warming of the heart through worship. View
Christmas Eve Rectangle Web

Christmas 2018

The Advent And The Light View
Children Cedarview And The Kingdom Of God

Children, Cedarview and the Kingdom of God

How important it is to teach children about the kingdom of God and what Cedarview is doing to help. View
Following Christ When The Problem Doesnt Lift

When The Problem Doesn't Lift

Following Christ when the problems of life don't lift. View
Precious In His Sight 2018

Precious In His Sight

Abortion and God's Love for the Helpless View
Soul Shaping

Soul Shaping

How the New Testament preaches to Christians. View
Promise Kept

The Incredible Power Of A Promise Kept

I want to sing the praises of certain people in the Body of Christ all around the world today. Though their names will never be known this side of heaven, they demonstrate the one quality that is most like Father God. View
For Whom Did Christ Die

For Whom Did Christ Die?

There are two ways to answer the question: either Christ died for the sins of some people—namely, the elect only, or Christ died for the sins of all people.

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